How to do a Logos Concordance Guide for OT to NT References

Sometimes, when you're reading the New Testament, it cites the Old Testament, and you want to know where to find it. Or you may want to know the New Testament fulfillment of an Old Testament prophecy or reference. The Logos Concordance Guide can help you do this.


You will need to have a feature set that includes the Concordance Guide Section, and the "New Testament Use of the Old Testament". Currently, this is available in the Logos Full Feature Set, the Verbum Full Feature Set, and the Verbum Feature Upgrade, respectively.

Concordance Guide

Click on "Guides" at the top of Logos, and type "concordance" in the search bar:

New Testament Use of the Old Testament

Type "New Testament use of the Old Testament" in your library:

If you do not own these resources, you will need to upgrade to the Full Feature Set or Verbum options linked above.

1. Open the Concordance Guide

2. Link the concordance guide to the same set as your Bible

Click the three dots in the upper, right-hand corner to set the links so they are synced to each other.

3. Select "Intertext" from the "Settings" options on the Concordance Guide

4. Results

You will now see Old Testament references that match NT verses, and NT verses that match Old Testament references:

Photo by Taylor Wilcox on Unsplash

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