What I Believe

I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and very God in human flesh. He came to earth as a man, lived a sinless life, and died a substitutionary death for our sins. He rose bodily from the grave, and will return bodily, to earth, to establish and reign in His millennial kingdom. Believer's works will be judged, and they will either be rewarded, or suffer loss of rewards at the Bema Seat of Christ. After this, I believe Christ will raise the unsaved dead of all ages, and judge them to eternal damnation in the lake of fire, for rejecting the gospel.

I believe salvation from the penalty, power, and presence of our sin, comes by grace, through faith in Christ's finished, once-for-all atonement for our sins, not by any will, works, or merit of our own. Trusting in anything other than, or in addition to Christ's atonement and righteousness, is a failure to accept Him as Savior, that will result in eternal damnation.

I believe good works and the fruit of the Spirit, are the necessary result of saving faith in Jesus Christ, but not a condition man is able or willing to meet before becoming saved.

I believe God sovereignly predestines everyone He saves, to be conformed to the the image of His Son, in glory. He speaks of the believer's glorification as an accomplished, predetermined fact, so that nothing is able to separate the believer in Christ from the love of God.

I believe the gospel is the power of God unto salvation, and that it alone is able to change the hearts of mankind. Throughout Israel's history, God would occasionally raise up a good king, who would temporarily reform the nation, and purge idolatry. However, once he was gone, the people would go right back to their evil ways. Mere political reform is not enough to make a lasting change on our world. There must be a change of heart, and only the gospel has the power to do this.

I believe Jesus Christ is the Word of God, and that any correct interpretation of Scripture should point to Him as our Savior. We should interpret Scripture literally (unless the context of Scripture indicates it's using figurative speech), according to the normal meaning of the words, grammar, and larger context of the verse, chapter, book, and whole Bible.
As with Lot, seeing and hearing the lawless deeds in our society, makes me sick, and torments my soul (2 Peter 2:7-8). I believe we should pray and vote for those in authority, that they will follow God's will. But there's little power in politics. Let us proclaim God's word to evangelize and testify to this wicked generation. Perhaps God will grant them repentance and saving faith in Jesus Christ.

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