Proclaiming Christ through daily Bible Studies, exegetical sermon outlines, and social commentary.

God sent the gospel to me as a child, through my Uncle and Grandmother. I have heard and believe that Christ died for our sins. I believe God raised Him from the dead, and received Him into heaven. This shows we are sinners, and that we all deserved the death penalty (eternal separation from God in the lake of fire). It also shows Christ has paid our debt in full, and that God has accepted His atonement for our sin. I believe that as Christ rose, those who trust Him will be also be raised, to enjoy eternal life, blessings, and rewards.

Like Lot, seeing and hearing the lawless deeds of our society, torments my soul day after day. I am compelled to proclaim the gospel, so that the lost may turn from their evil, destructive ways, and so the elect may be saved and built up in the knowledge of Christ.

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