How can you get peace in your life?


The most important peace you can have, is peace with God. You need peace with God, because we are all sinners who have fallen short of the glory of God, and because God has the power to send us to the eternal damnation we deserve.

The only way to achieve peace with God, is through faith in Christ. Christ's death satisfied God's righteous demands against our sin, and God raised Him from the dead (Romans 3-5). Through faith in Christ's atonement, your sins are gorgiven, and you come into a right relationship with God. This brings peace in your standing with God.

As a believer, we also have peace in the world, knowing that Christ has already been victorious over those who persecute us, over the power of our sin nature, and that we have the hope of resurrection from the dead, and an eternal inheritance with God (Romans 6-8).

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