Should churches “only preach the gospel” or should they also speak to world view issues, politics, and current events?

Man sitting in a salty flat. Christians are the salt of the earth.

When you look through the history of Israel in the Old Testament, you see that occasionally, God would raise up a good king, who would launch political reforms, and try to purge the nation from sin. As long as the king was alive, the nation would have some degree of conformity to the will of God. However, as soon as the king died, or if he changed his views, the nation would quickly digress right back into their idolatry. Politics is not a good way to make lasting change in people’s hearts. You may win an election here or there, and get some legal reform on issues that concern you, but only the gospel has the power to change men’s hearts, and bring about lasting change in society and politics.
The Bible says our responsibility as far as politics goes, is to pray for kings and those in authority, that we may lead a quiet life, in all godliness (Timothy). We should also vote for politicians who come closest to what we understand the will of God to be.

That said, I do believe current events can serve as good, relevant illustrations to spiritual truth. For example, Jesus mentioned two current events in His preaching. He asked His audience if they thought the Galileans Pilate killed were greater sinners than other Galileans, just because they suffered such things. Again, he asked if they thought the 18 people killed in Siloam were greater sinners, just because the tower fell on them (Luke 13:1-5). He used that to show them their need for salvation, lest they “likewise perish”. A lot of current events and politics can be used as illustrations for Biblical truth, and how we should live.

Jesus also told us we are to act as salt and light to the evils in society. Although we should seek to lead a quiet and godly life, we should speak out against abortion and the ills of society, and not just be silent. 1 Chronicles 12:32 says the men of Issachar “understood the times and knew what Israel should do”. We should understand how current events relate to us, and what we should do about them. But again, we should not rely on politics, or major on them. We should use these as illustrations of our need for the gospel, which has the true power to change men’s hearts and politics.

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