Who said, "If I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole"?

Woman coming to Jesus for healing

While it doesn’t mention her name, Mark 5:25 refers to her as “a certain woman” (KJV), or just “a woman” (NIV, NASB, CSB, etc.) . The context gives more information about who she was.

First, she was an ill woman. It says she “had an issue of blood” for twelve years. Some commentaries suggest this may have been a menstrual disorder, or a uterine hemorrhage. Whatever the case may be, she knew she was ill, and in need of healing.

Second, she was an isolated woman. Her flow of blood made her ceremonially unclean (Leviticus 15:25–27). This meant she would be excluded from normal social interaction, because anyone who touched her would become unclean.

Third, she was a bankrupt, suffering woman. She had suffered many things at the hands of her “physicians”, and had spent all her money on doctor bills. None of them were able to cure her. She had come to realize that she was in deep, and that there was nothing she, or anyone else was able to do about it.

Fourth, she was a hearing woman (Mark 5:27). Someone informed her about Jesus, and His ability to heal people. It was through this testimony, that she was persuaded to go Him. Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ.

Fifth, she was a believing woman. Because she believed in Jesus’ ability to heal her, she went to Him, and reached out to touch the hem of His garment. Faith is simply trusting in God, but when one trusts in God, the evident result is that they do something about it.

Sixth, she was a healed woman. She immediately knew what had been done within her body (Mark 5:33). No one comes to Jesus in faith, and gets turned away. Jesus was already busy, going to heal someone else, yet He was still able to handle her request.

Seventh, she was a woman who professed her faith in Jesus Christ (Mark 5:30–34). Jesus called her out not to embarrass her, but so she would have an opportunity to profess her faith in Him. She came “fearing and trembling” (Mark 5:33), knowing what had happened within her, and “told Him all the truth”.

The example of this woman shows us that Jesus heals sinners who come to Him in faith. Only people who realize they are ill, and that there’s nothing they or anyone else can do about it, will come to Jesus for help. All who trust Christ as their Savior, will be healed of the penalty, power, and ultimately the presence of the sickness of sin in their life. We should come to Him for healing from our sin, and we should proclaim His healing power to others, that they may be saved.

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