Matthew 23 -- Overcome Hypocrisy

Matthew 23

Proposition: You should overcome hypocritical authorities.

By doing what they say (1-4)
Even though they did not practice what they preached, Jesus acknowledged the "Seat of Moses'" authority. He instructed disciples to do what they say, but not what they do. We should respect the office (President, Father, Mother, Pastor) of spiritual leadership, even if the people who hold it are hypocrites. We should submit to their authority, insofar as it does not require us to disobey God's word (Acts 5:27-29).

By humbling yourself (5-12)
Seek God's recognition, not man's (5-7)
Avoid titles of grandeur (8-10).
Serve others (11-12)

By condemning hypocrisy (12-39)
It shuts the door of God's kingdom (13)
It diligently converts people to eternal doom (15)
It values money over God (16-22)
It strains out gnats, then swallows camels (23-24)
It practices external religion (25-28)
It kills the prophets, and persecutes the godly (29-38)

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