How to Side With The King - 1 Samuel 20

Question 1: What types of Christ are evident from 1 Samuel 20?

A) Like David, Christ was persecuted by the authorities and His own brothers, even though He went around doing nothing but good, and seeking only our salvation. 

B) Jonathan believed in David. He believed God's promise that David would one day rule the kingdom. He sought terms of peace with David. David made a covenant of peace with him, to protect him when He became king. Christ makes a covenant of peace with those who believe in Him. It is a promise to save and deliver us from the wrath of God, when He comes back to judge and set up His kingdom. 

C) Jonathan brought the wrath of his father upon himself because of his stand for David. Christ calls on us to love Him more than Father or mother. Do we? Are we willing to take the heat, to make Christ known?

D) Jonathan put his life on the line (literally), to speak well of David to Saul. He wasn't afraid to proclaim good things about him, and to try to reason with Saul. Christ asks us not to be afraid to proclaim Him before men. Are we willing to risk alienation and persecution from our family and friends to speak well about Christ to others?

Question 2: How does 1 Samuel relate to us today?

Takeaway proposition: We should side with the King.

Transitional statement: 1 Samuel 20 teaches several ways to side with the King.

1. By accepting Christ's covenant (1 Samuel 20:1-23). Jonathan believed in David. He believed he would become the king. He sought terms of peace with David. He entered into a covenant with him. David promised to protect him. Do you believe Christ is coming back to judge and reign on earth? Have you accepted His offer of peace? Are you seeking to bring others into this covenant?

2. By helping the persecuted (1 Samuel 20:1-27; 35-42) Jonathan did everything in his power to help David when he was being unjustly persecuted. Are we standing with those who get persecuted for doing God's will, and their testimony for Christ? Are we praying for missionaries (John Leonard was shot down for telling people the gospel, when they stopped buying drugs from the cartel) ?

3. By loving Christ most (1 Samuel 20:28-31). Jonathan alienated himself from his father by taking a stand for the true king. Are you willing to alienate yourself from your family and friends to take a stand for Christ? 

4. By Proclaiming Christ's gospel (1 Samuel 32-34). Jonathan literally put his life on the line to proclaim David's virtue. Are you willing to risk your life to proclaim the gospel of Christ 's death and resurrection to others, knowing they may persecute you?

Photo by Gladson Xavier from Pexels 

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